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HablaIP Top

IP Telephones - HablaIP Top

IP Phone with 2 Sip Lines, Usb Port and POE.

IP Telephones - HablaIP Top - Detalhe do teclado.

Detalhe do teclado.

IP Telephones - HablaIP Top - Vista inferior.

Vista inferior.

IP Telephones - HablaIP Top - Ajuste de altura 1.

Ajuste de altura 1.

IP Telephones - HablaIP Top - Ajuste de altura 2.

Ajuste de altura 2.

IP Telephones - HablaIP Top - Guia Rápido HablaIP

Guia Rápido HablaIP

IP Telephones - HablaIP Top - Guia Aplicativo EP

Guia Aplicativo EP

Additional Information

IP telephones allow*:

  • Excellent audio quality;
  • Local calls to landlines and mobile phones, long distance and international calls at zero cost or incredibly low costs;
  • Easiness to increase the number of extensions in your company;
  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world by using your company's PBX as an extension;
  • Take advantage of the already installed computer network cabling to use in conjunction with telephones;
  • Hundreds of features available at no additional cost, such as call reports for your company, answering machine, recording, caller ID, automatic forwarding, interactive menu and many other features.

*Costs and resources depend on your equipment’s setup, values negotiated with service and data providers. Please consult a reliable professional about these matters.


  • Multilingual (including portuguese);
  • Most common codecs + g.729;
  • Poe (power over ethernet);
  • EP+ software to synchronize your phone;
  • Approved by anatel;
  • High definition audio;
  • Dual voltage power supply included;
  • Compatible with asterisk and many other ip systems and platforms;

When you install the EP+ app, your mobile phone (via Wifi) is synchronized with your IP Phone, allowing incoming calls on your IP phone to be answered on your mobile phone, showing call history, calendar and several other functions.

This device allows simultaneous high quality and noiseless connections, but in order to enable this, you need a high-speed internet connection and a high-quality phone provider.