Captor x Traps with Glue Inserts - Comparison


Captor x Traps with Glue Inserts - Comparison

A big customer contacted us to get more information about Captor light trap. He showed us the 2 models his company had been using so we decided to compare the models. Both models used glue inserts and were manufactured by well known Brazilian companies. We know there are many suppliers, models, qualities and specifications, but we want you to make the same comparison before you invest in any light trap.

Design / Dimmensions: traditional light traps are bulky and ugly, too long and take too much room. Captor has an amazing Italian design to go with any high standard decoration.

Structure Material: Captor is made of an engineering plastic PC-ABS (used in the automotive industry), very durable in light gray color, excellent finishing and high resistance to most chemical cleaning products. It doesnt rust or peel off. Competitors use Polyestirene plastic (fragile) and galvanized steel (the food industry always prefer stainless steel, but it is too expensive).

UV Lamp / Reach: the lamp is the most important component of the trap because it is responsable to attract the insects, that's why we use Sylvania lamps, worldwide well known brand with high power. Lamps should be replaced every 12 months for maximum efficiency. In other kinds of trap, the lamps are always hidden inside the structure, so the reach is minimized. Captor lamp is placed in front of the trap, spreading the luminosity to all directions.

Lamp Protection: Captor is the only model in the market to have a silicone layer around the lamp (optionally). Silicone is noble and durable, it doesnt degrade with UV light or reduces the lamp efficiency. Please, see our video of a lamp being broken with a hammer. Our competitors use regular transparent plastic instead with much lower quality.

Glue Insert - Refills: Captor has a big drawer to keep the captured insects. Easy to clean and no refill need, the insects are hidden from the customer's eyes. The drawer should be cleaned at least one a month for hygiene purposes, but even if it is not cleaned, the trap will continue working and capturing. On the other hand, glue inserts has to be changed more frequently otherise the glue insert will get full and the trap wont work anymore. So, you save money with the glue inserts and labor costs for maintenance. 

Other adjantages: Captor operates in 220V with Inmetro certified cable and plug, according to the Brazilian regulations with 2 round pins. It can be hung on the wall or be placed over any flat surface. Made in Italy, no noise, patented, HACCP, CE, IMQ and other international certifications. The fan has round edges rotating at slow speed to avoid anyone getting the fingers hurt.

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Captor x Traps with Glue Inserts - Comparison-Captor por Sucção x Refil de Cola

Captor por Sucção x Refil de Cola